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This page is a translated version of the page WBE2R-R-ZIGBEE and the translation is 100% complete.

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WBE2R-R-ZIGBEE front side
WBE2R-R-ZIGBEE back side

The module is not equipped with an antenna. The external antenna is connected via the RP-SMA connector.

When ordering a Wiren Board controller with the module, the external antenna connector is installed on the controller body.


Data exchange with the module is carried out via the serial port.

Operation in Wiren Board 6

Extension module Serial port
MOD1 /dev/ttyMOD1
MOD2 /dev/ttyMOD2
MOD3 /dev/ttyMOD3

Instructions for setting up the controller Wiren Board 6: Подключение устройств ZigBee| are here

Module installation

Installation of the module is possible in any of the MOD1-3 internal slots. The procedure for installing the module into the controller is shown on page GPS/GLONASS module installation ( similar to the WB5)

Installation of antenna SMA-socket

The SMA connector is installed in a special hole in the controller housing above the Ethernet connectors (drilled into the controller housing starting from the Wiren Board 6.5 version). In Wiren Board 6 models of earlier versions, a hole with a diameter of 6.5 mm must be drilled at the specified location. The SMA socket of the module must be fixed in the hole in the housing. When reassembling the housing, make sure that the connecting cable from the module to the SMA socket does not get caught between the indicator and the plastic transparent light guide on the top cover of the controller. The external antenna is screwed onto the SMA socket.

Installing module into Mod3 slot
It is necessary to cut the case jumpers by cutting pliers or break the plug with a screwdriver

Adding the module to the Web interface

In the Web interface section Configs => Hardware Modules Configuration select in the list of expansion slots, select the slot in which you installed the module, for example, Internal slot 3, and in the list Module type select the module WBE2R-R-ZIGBEE. Click the Save button to add the module to the controller configuration.


WBE2R-R-ZIGBEE is equipped with Ebyte E18-MS1PA1-IPX module. Characteristics are available on the manufacturer's Website There are module chip CC2530 and amplifier CC2592 by Texas Instruments on the module board. Power is 20dBm(100mW).


If necessary, the module can be flashed with any compatible firmware. Firmware instructions can be found on the page Wiren Board 6:Connecting Zigbee devices