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RS-485 is two-wire bus communication standard.

Up to 256 devices can be connected to the bus. Transmission speed is up to 115200 bit/s.Line length is up to 1200 meters.

You can connect the following devices to the Wiren Board controller Via the RS-485 bus:

Basics of the RS-485 interface

See article Basics of RS-485 interface operation.

The Wiren Board devices use the Modbus Protocol on top of the RS-485. Modbus protocol.

How to lay the bus correctly

See article RS-485:Physical connection.

Adding a device to the web interface

Configuration takes place via the Configs веб-интерфейса

After connecting the RS-485 device to the controller, you need to configure it to appear in the web interface. See the instructions in article RS-485:Настройка через веб-интерфейс.

Working with RS-485 port of the controller using its own software