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|[http://fw-releases.wirenboard.com/?prefix=fw/by-version/WB-MS/stable/4.13.0/ 4.13.0]
|Fix compensation internal ntc temperature sensor.

Revision as of 12:07, 26 June 2020

Updating firmware

Please see this page for details. Firmware binaries are available on fw-releases.wirenboard.com.

Общая таблица по всем устройствам/ Summary table for all devices

Source project Release date Version Affected devices Changelog
WB-MS 26-06-2020 4.13.0 WB-MIR WB-MIR64 WB-M1W2 WB-M1W2_V2_1 Fix compensation internal ntc temperature sensor.
WB-MS 23-04-2020 4.12.0 WB-MSW v.3 Improve TH sensor work. Read errors filtration.
WB-MD 04-04-2020 2.2.0 WB-MDM3 add switch mode, mode selection by hold reg 50-52 (value 2)
WB-MS 01-04-2020 4.11.0 WB-MSW v.3 Improve CO2 sensor work. Read settings from sensor.
WB-MD 19-03-2020 2.1.0 WB-MDM3 Two modbus holding registers 140 and 150 were added for setting the variable dimming duration
WB-MAP 10-03-2020 2.2.5 MAP12H,MAP3E,MAP3H,MAP6S Fix FRAM configuration loss
WB-MS 19-03-2020 4.10.0 WB-M1W2 M1W2 v1.2 with active pullup support
WB-MAP 14-11-2019 2.2.2 MAP6S Target for STM32F051K6
WB-MS 12-11-2019 4.9.0 WB-MSW v.3
  • New calibration data for spl-meter
  • Automatic sound baseline calibration to account for opamp offset
  • Add spl offset register
WB-MR 01-11-2019 1.13.1 WB-MR2mini fix input mode default value. add led in WB-MR2mini v2.1
WB-MR 18-10-2019 1.13.0 WB-MR2mini, WB-MR3, WB-MR6, WB-MR6C, WB-MWAC variable debounce 0-100ms, reg 20+
WB-MRGB 25-09-2019 1.3.0 WB-MRGBW-D work with bootloader 1.1.0 - support hw watchdog.
WB-MAP 10-09-2019 2.2.0 WB-MAP3E, WB-MAP3H, WB-MAP6S, WB-MAP12H eeprom and perith submodules. RAM optimisation. Work with bootloader.
WB-MCM 27-09-2019 1.1.0 WB-MCM8 work with bootloader 1.1.0 - support hw watchdog.
WB-MS 19-09-2019 4.8.0 ALL work with bootloader 1.1.0 - support hw watchdog. use submodules.
WB-MS 06-09-2019 4.7.0 WB-MSWv3 added STM32F030 mcu. IR module disabled. Use MS bootloader target.
WB-MS 13-06-2019 4.6.1 WB-V2 added support of MS v2 sensor with another coefficients for adc to measure lux using OSRAM_BPW34S sensor.
WB-MR 13-06-2019 1.12.0 WB-MR*, WB-MWAC default input mode switch (1)
WB-MCM 28-05-2019 1.0.0 WB-MCM8 initial firmware version: 32-bit EEPROM-stored counters; digital inputs LED indication
WB-MR 17-05-2019 1.11.1 WB-MR*, WB-MWAC fix invalid inputs state in discrete registers after startup
WB-MS 22-03-2019 4.6.0 WB-MIR, WB-M1W2 added w1 temperature registers without invalid state - it save previous valid (20 - 21)

added w1 channels status discret regs (16 - 17)

WB-MS 04-03-2019 4.5.0 WB-MS, WB-MSW v.3, WB-MIR,

WB-M1W2, WB-MAI2-mini/cc

support firmware update
WB-MS 27-02-2019 4.4.0 WB-MIR mir64 version with 40 ir codes cells
WB-MS 11-02-2018 4.3.0 WB-MIR more robust IR commands storage (i.e. without flash fs and compression), as in fw < 3.7.2
WB-MS 11-02-2019 4.2.0 WB-MSW v.3 * added: support for MSW v.3 hw rev 4.8

* added: temperature and relative humidity x100 value to 4 and 5 registers

* added:  temperature and relative humidity self-heat compensation 245 register 1x100 *C

* added:  new register 108: SGPC3 sensor version. 0xFFFF is sensor is missing on power-up

* change: sgpc3: ignoring data during 3 minutes after warm up (total 364 seconds after power up).

WB-MR 04-03-2019 1.10.0 WB-MR*, WB-MWAC support firmware update |-
WB-MRGB 2019-03-04 1.2.0 WB-MRGB-D support firmware update
WB-MR 2019-02-14 1.9.4 WB-MR*, WB-MWAC * change:   fix change modbus id via broadcast 0 address
WB-MR 2018-11-14 1.9.2 WB-MR*, WB-MWAC Add check valid for readed from eeprom settings

Add check valid for modbus address when changed via modbus and when readed from eeprom

WB-MR 2018-11-14 1.9.1 WB-MR*, WB-MWAC
  • more robust configuration storage in EEPROM
  • change:   I2C EEPROM ic is used to store basic configuration.
  • added:   new input-output relationship handling is implemented: there is a new input mode which tells the fw to use so called input mappings to decide what to do on input state change. This mapping, distinct for each input-output pair, allows to set actions for both rising and falling edges of input signal. The actions are: set output, reset output, toggle output, do nothing.
  • change:  Kill-switch function is basically removed. It replaced with simplified input mode 2 which switches off all output channels on rising edge of the signal.
  • added:   WB-MWAC water leak controller is supported
WB-MRGB 2019-02-13 1.1.3 WB-MRGBW-D * change:   fix change modbus id via broadcast 0 address (fixes ERRMRGBWD0001)
WB-MAP 2019-02-03 2.1 WB-MAP3H, WB-MAP3E, WB-MAP12H, WB-MAP6S * change: WB-MAPs and CTs are now supposed to be calibrated separately.

Each CT is described by two parameters: (effective) turns ratio and phase delay.

These parameters are to be programmed into WB-MAP registers to proper operation

* change: phase angle is consistent between MAP3E and other models (-180..+180 notation)

* added: 32-bit registers for voltage and current

WB-MRGB 2018-12-05 1.1.2 WB-MRGBW-D

* fix change modbus uart settings

* change eeprom files to submodule. add neccesory defines. change project paths

* move eeprom settings load/save to separate file.

* move eeprom settings struct defines from config.h to settings.c.

* add modbus id change valdation

* add validation modbus settings when load from eeprom.

* add validation for buttons disable, pwm divider and fade time settings

* disable 1200 baud variant (need research why not work)

WB-MDM2 1.1.0 WB-MD2 Two modbus holding registers 65 and 66 were added for users can choose 1 of 3 dimming curves: (0)incandecent bulbs, (1)LED bulbs, (2)resistive load
WB-MS 4.1.0 WB-MSW v.3 * note:  MSW v.3 VOC-sensor related fixes and improvenets

* added: input register 106 with current valid SGPC3 baseline reported by the sensor

* added: input register 107 with current raw signal

* change: VOC sensor is initialized for 184s after power-on. During this time VOC registers return error value.

WB-MS 4.0.1 WB-MSW v.3 * added:   improve SPL metering on WB-MSW v.3
WB-MS 4.0.0 WB-MS, WB-MSW v.3, WB-MIR,

WB-M1W2, WB-MAI2-mini/cc

* added:   add new target for WB-MSW v3

* added:   add PIR movement sensor support

* added:   add SGPC3 air quality sensor support

* added:   add discrete input mode for 1-wire inputs with activation counters

* added:   improve SPL metering on WB-MS

* change:  improved config storage

* fixes:   workaround for IR bug

WB-MS 3.12.2 WB-MAI2-mini/CC add support for WB-MAI2-mini/CC
WB-MS 3.12.1 WB-MIR, WB-M1W2 * change: fixes NTC heating compensation
   * note  NTC compersation value was damaged while saving/restoring from flash
WB-MS 3.12 WB-MSW2 * change: fixes NTC heating compensation
   * change:   add <censored> new CO2 sensor support to MSW2_3.4 boards
   * fixes modbus integrity check
   * checklist:add manual calibration for <censored>
   * checklist:add zero calibration (manual calibration to 400ppm)
   * note:     - Write 1 to coilreg (COIL_REG_CO2_SENS_CALIBRATE_ZERO) 1 to fresh air calibrate any CO2 sensor
                   (At <censored> the 1 value at coilreg remains 1 for 3 sec and then  = 0)
               - Wrtie 1 to holdreg (HOLD_REG_CO2_SENS_ABC_CALIBRATION) 95 to CLOSE CO2 sensor ABC calib/ 0 = OPEN 
                 At changing the parameter ABC cylce is also transmitted to sensor
               - Write any value between 400-1500 into () 88 to manually calibrate <censored> sensor 
                 Register content is automatically set to 0 after calibration.
               - Write 1-15 to holdreg () 89 to set ABC cycle (days). At setting the register
                 OPEN/CLOSE state is also transmitted.
WB-MS 3.11.2 WB-MS, WB-MSW, WB-MIR, WB-M1W2 * change: bug fix: writing single hold reg value > 125 resulted modbus illegal data value error
WB-MS 3.11.1 WB-MS, WB-MSW, WB-MIR, WB-M1W2 * change: add modbus package integrity testing to "mb_recive_hadler" function
   * note:     - returns with modbus error "MB_ERROR_ILLEGAL_DATA_VALUE" if a package includes a write CRC but wrong package size or fields
               - returns with modbus error "MB_ERROR_ILLEGAL_DATA_VALUE" if requested size of data is greater than allowed (125 at reading, 123 at
                        writing but at writing technically not possible to get receive such command due to the limited RX buffer size)
               - returns with modbus error "MB_ERROR_ILLEGAL_FUNCTION"  if modbus request function is unknow. 
WB-MS 3.10.1 WB-MS, WB-M1W2, WB-MIR 1-wire reset time changed from ~410 us to ~550 us. As in 1-Wire Standard, should be between 480 and 640 us
WB-MS 3.10.0 WB-MS, WB-M1W2, WB-MIR added filter out algorithm for suspicious values 85C and 127.937C from 1-wire temperature sensors
  • Storing configs and device state in external eeprom
  • Watchdog enable
  • change: add MRGBW support
 * note:     modbus hold reg 3 = white channel value
               modbus hold reg 8 = button 3 value
               button3 short press = on/off white channel
               button3 long  press = adjust brightness of white channel
               modbus hold reg 33 = button 3 counter 
  • change: "BUTTON_DISABLED" register state is stored/restored to eeprom
  • change: Effectless "color changed over modbus" feature removed
WB-MAP 1.1 WB-MAP3H, WB-MAP3E, WB-MAP6S, WB-MAP12H add support for WB-MAP3 devices