Dual channel analog voltage output (0-10V) module(WBE-AO-10V-2)

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This page is a translated version of the page Модуль расширения DAC (WBE-AO-10V-2) and the translation is 100% complete.

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Dual channel module with 0-10 V analog outputs.


The module is built on a digital to analog Converter MCP4728 and supports two output channels with a voltage from 0 to 10 V.


DAC extension module


Terminal Function
O1 channel 1 output
O2 channel 2 output


Configuration is set in the web interface. Section Configs => Hardware Modules Configuration. Next, in Internal slot 1 or in Internal slot 2, select "WBE-AQ-10V-2 Dual channel analog voltage output (0-10V) module" and click Save.

The device is detected immediately, no reboot is required.


WBE-AO-10V-2 in the web interface

In the web interface, the module channels appear in the Analog Outputs section and are called MOD1_O1 and MOD1_O2 for the module installed in the first connector, MOD2_O1 and MOD2_O2 for the module installed in the second connector. The voltage value (in millivolts) is published in mqtt-topics /devices/wb-dac/controls/.

Compatibility table

Controller Revision MOD1 MOD2
Wiren Board 5 5.3 + +
Wiren Board 5 5.6 + +
Wiren Board 5 5.8 + +