Отключение аппаратного сторожевого таймера (watchdog)

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Внимание: Отображаемое название «Отключение аппаратного сторожевого таймера (watchdog)» переопределяет ранее заданное отображаемое название «Hardware Watchdog Disable process». Hardware Watchdog is sometimes required to be disabled: for example, if you want to turn off the controller completely (for example, on an event from an uninterruptible power supply); if the hardware watchdog will operate, the controller will resume operation after a while, even after the halt command. When the watchdog timer is disabled, the resumption of operation of the controller is possible only when you reset the power of the controller.

To disconnect, you need to disassemble the controller case and connect one of the on/OFF connector pins to the GND.

Wiren Board 5
Wiren Board 6

The illustrations show which pins should be connected in the Wiren Board 5 and WirenBoard 6 controllers. The desired pin of the on/OFF connector is marked with a red arrow, the GND pins (you can use any of them) are marked with red circles. The purple line shows an example of a connection.