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Power over Ethernet - is a method of supplying power over an Ethernet cable supported by the Wiren Board controller.

Under this name, several incompatible standards are hidden, the Wiren Board controller supports the so-called Passive Power over Ethernet (abbreviated as Passive PoE) - Passive PoE with a voltage of 7 to 24 volts. Power is transmitted over unused pairs of Ethernet cable: "+" ("-") via paired 4-5 (blue, white-blue), "-" ("+") via paired 7-8 (brown, white-brown). Polarity doesn't matter.

Passive PoE power supply is organized as follows: a power supply unit (also called an injector) is inserted into the Ethernet channel between the router of the device, which adds power to the cable connected to the device. It is desirable to use an injector with a voltage of 12 volts and a power of 12 watts and more.

Wiren Board 4/5/6 can be simultaneously powered by PoE and through the plug/terminals, the actual power comes from a high voltage source.

Note for version 2.8 and 3.5 controllers: by default, devices were shipped without PoE support. Versions with PoE support have the inscription HLJ-6115ANL on the Ethernet-connector. Connecting power over Ethernet to a Wiren Board without PoE support (labeled HanRun on the Ethernet connector) will damage the device!

All Wiren Board 4/5/6 controllers support PoE.

The examples of injectors:

PoE Injector
PoE Injector