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WB-MIO-E with connected I/o modules
WB-MIO-E with Ethernet


WB-MIO and WB-MIO-E interface converters are designed for remote connection of devices "WBIO" (I/O modules) via Modbus RS-485 or Ethernet (in WB-MIO-E). Allow, if necessary, to separate the I/O modules from the Wiren Board controller and transfer to another DIN rail or to another shield. It also allows you to use I/O modules as a separate device with controllers from other manufacturers.

Interface conversion

There are three modifications of WB interface converters: WB-MIO, WB-MIO-E and WB-MGE. The table below shows which interface each module converts to.

Model From To








WB-MIO + +
WB-MIO-E + + +
WB-MGE + + + +

Technical specifications

overall dimensions
Option Value
Supply voltage front-end 9 V — 24 V DC
Power consumption

0.85 W

Terminals and wire section
Recommended wire cross-section, mm2 0,75 — 1
Length of the standard sleeve, mm 8
Torque of screws, N∙m 0,2
Communication protocol Modbus RTU, WBIO
  • RS-485
  • Ethernet 10/100 (only in WB-MIO-E)
RS-485 interface parameters set programmatically, by default:

speed 9600 bps; data bits 8; parity N; stop bits 2;

Size 2 DIN; 36,3x90,2x57,5 mm
Operating conditions
Air temperature -40°C to +80°C
Relative humidity up to 92%, no condensation


Interface module WB-MIO is available in two versions, characterized by the presence of Ethernet interface: WB-MIO and WB-MIO-E.

Modification RS-485 interface Ethernet interface
WB-MIO yes no
WB-MIO-E yes yes

RS-485 interface connection

WB-MIO RS-485 Connection

WB-MIO(-E) is connected to the controller via connectors A and B RS-485. If power is supplied from a separate power supply, the ground of the controller and the power supply must be combined.

See article RS-485:Physical connection.

The WB-MIO module is a peripheral device (slave) in the Modbus network.

Ethernet connection

Modification WB-MIO-E with Ethernet interface is connected to the local Ethernet network: to the router port or directly to one of the Ethernet ports of the programmable Wiren Board controller.

WB-MIO-E power is supplied to V+ and GND terminals. Module WB-MIO-E does NOT support PoE.

On the default Ethernet network, WB-MIO-E' has a static IP address of To work with the Wiren Board controller software, the Ethernet part of the WB-MIO-E module must be configured in "TCP Server" mode. Detailed instructions on how to configure the Ethernet part of WB-MIO-E can be found on configuring Ethenet interfaces and connecting WB-MIO-E and WB-MGE modules].

Connection of I/O modules

I/O modules are connected to the WB-MIO by connecting to it from the side (entering the side connector).

Connecting the module to WB-MIO

Up to 9 modules can be connected in series: up to 4 input modules (type "I"), up to 4 output and I / o modules (type "O" and "IO"), one WBIO-AI-DV-12 module. The module type determines the type of module addressing by the controller on the side connector bus. Addresses are distributed in sequence. Up to 4 modules can be connected in any sequence. With a larger number, you should connect one type first, then another.

Configuration in the web interface

[[Драйвер wb-mqtt-serial/en|Wb-mqtt-serial driver] is responsible for working with WB-MIO(-E) connected via RS-485 or Ethernet in the Wiren Board controllers.

To connect WBIO modules via WB-MIO, go to the web interface of the controller, to the Configs tab, select the /etc/wb-mqtt-serial file.conf. Next, you need to add a new Serial device to the required port. In the field "Slave id of the device" specify the address of the WB-MIO device, add a colon, then number on the count of connected I/o module in a row.

For example, if we have only one module connected to WB-MIO, the string "Slave id of the device" for this module will look like this: 15:1. Where 15 is the Modbus address of WB-MIO and 1 is the I/O module account number. In the "Device type" field, select the type of the connected module. Template names for them start with "WBIO-..."

Файл:Mio-conf2.JPG Файл:Mio-conf3.JPG Файл:Mio-conf1.png

Modbus Control

A map of the WB-MIO and WB-MIO-E Modbus registers can be found on WB-MIO-Modbus-Registers/en. For more information on working with Modbus devices, see Modbus Protocol

Images and drawings of the device

По ссылкам ниже вы можете скачать изображения и чертежи устройства WB-MIO.

Corel Draw 2018: WB-MIO.cdr.zip

Corel Draw PDF: WB-MIO.cdr.pdf

Autocad 2013 DXF: Мы еще не подготовили чертеж этого устройства. Вы можете запросить чертеж устройства "Bus coupler WB-MIO" на портале техподдержки Wiren Board (необходима регистрация).

По ссылкам ниже вы можете скачать изображения и чертежи устройства WB-MIO-E.

Corel Draw 2018: WB-MIO-E.cdr.zip

Corel Draw PDF: WB-MIO-E.cdr.pdf

Autocad 2013 DXF: WB-MIO-E.dxf.zip

Autocad PDF: WB-MIO-E.pdf