Wiren Board 6: Dry contacts module (opto relay)(WBE2-DO-SSR-2)

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</languages> The module is designed to control the inputs of the "dry contact" type in applications where galvanic isolation is required.

Technical specifications

WBE2-DO-SSR-2 back side
WBE2-DO-SSR-2 front side

The module contains two SPST (normally open) configuration opto relays with one common contact.

Each channel has built-in protection against voltage surges when switching inductive load (TVS at 40V).

Parameter Value
Number of outputs 2
Outputs type opto relay
Contacts configuration SPST (normally open)
Maximum switching voltage 40V AC/DC
Maximum switching current, per channel 100 mA
The channel resistance in the open state < 5 Оhm
Voltage isolation between the controller and the output 1500 Vrms
Maximum power consumption 0.05 Вт
Compatibility Compatiblу with Wiren Board 6/en of all revisions.


Output contact scheme
Terminal Function
O1 K1
O2 K2


Configuration of the web interface is carried out in the section Configs => Hardware Modules Configuration.

Select WBE2-DO-SSR-2: Dual Small Signal SSR Module in the Internal slot 1 or 2 section (depending on the slot number) and click Save.

Once added, two additional outputs appear in the Devices next to the controller outputs (the Discrete I/O section).

When adding a device is detected immediately, a reboot is not required.


Slot Terminal Relay output Channel (MQTT) Topic (MQTT)
MOD1 O1 K1 wb-gpio/MOD1_K1 /devices/wb-gpio/controls/MOD1_K1
O2 K2 wb-gpio/MOD1_K2 /devices/wb-gpio/controls/MOD1_K2
MOD2 O1 K1 wb-gpio/MOD2_K1 /devices/wb-gpio/controls/MOD2_K1
O2 K2 wb-gpio/MOD2_K2 /devices/wb-gpio/controls/MOD2_K2