Wiren Board 6: WBE2S-MICROSD Extension Module

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WBE2S-MICROSD back side
WBE2S-MICROSD front side

Can be installed only in MOD3 slot of the Wiren Board 6 controller.

the microSD card is inserted into the slot under the top cover of the controller.

To access the connector, pry the cover off with a flat screwdriver and remove it.

The module comes without a microSD card!

Supported cards: microSD, microSDHC. Maximum interface speed supported: "high speed" (18MB/s for revision 5.3, 4.5 MB/s for revision 5.6). Standard UHS is not supported (card is working in the mode of "high speed").



Configuration is done in the web interface. Section Configs => Hardware Modules Configuration. Next, in Internal slot 3 select "WBE3-MICROSD: microSD module" and click Save.

The device is detected immediately, no reboot is required.


The memory card is defined in the system as mmc1. The entire card is available as /dev/mmcblk1 is the card partitions as /dev/mmcblk1p0 etc.