Module of analog outputs WBIO-AO-10V-8 I/O

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The module is designed for industrial and home automation systems and is used to control 0 — 10 V servos or dimmers.


The module contains 8 analog outputs with adjustable voltage from 0 to 10 V. Currently does not work with WB-MIO interface Converter.


overall dimensions

Parameter Value
Number of outputs 8
Output type voltage output
Galvanic isolation group, from controller circuits, 1 kV
Output voltage 0...10 Volts
Permissible load resistance >2000 Ohms
Module type "O" (non-inverted address scheme)
Maximum power consumption 0.3 W
Width, DIN units 2
Overall dimensions (l x W x H) 36.30 x 90.2 x 57.50 mm

Terminals and wire section
The recommended wire cross section with pin bushing insulated tip, mm2 0,75 — 1
Standard sleeve length of pin bushing insulated tip, mm 8
Tightening torque of screws, Н∙м 0,2

Connection to controller

See section activating the module in the web interface of the controller.

Web interface view

Web interface view

Using the sliders, you can set the voltage from 0 to 10 V on each channel, the voltage is set in millivolts.

Device pictures and drawings

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Corel Draw 2018:

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