WBIO-DI-HVD-8: 8 discrete 220V AC voltage presence detection inputs

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WBIO-DI-HVD-8 module version 1.0
WBIO-DI-HVD-8 module version 2.0


Control of contactors, circuit integrity, etc.

Technical specifications

Contains 8 inputs to determine the presence of 220V. The operating voltage of the inputs is 50V-250V AC.

Parameter Value
Number of inputs 8
Isolated input groups 2
Input type voltage input
Operating voltage 50V AC
Rated voltage 230V AC
Response time (230V AC), not more than 100 ms
Isolation voltage between input and controller 5000Vrms
Module type I (inverted addr.)
Maximum power consumption 1 mW
Width, DIN units 2
Size 36,3x90,2x57,5 mm

Terminals and wire section
The recommended wire cross section with pin bushing insulated tip, mm2 2,5
Standard sleeve length of pin bushing insulated tip, mm 8
Tightening torque of screws, Н∙м 0,5


Connection to the controller

See Activating the modules in the web interface of the controller


The inputs are divided into two isolated terminal groups: (1,2,3,4,N) and (N,5,6,7,8) -- in version 1 and (1,2,3,4,N,N) and (N, N,5,6,7,8) -- version 2. N - common zero for a group of inputs.

WBIO-DI-HVD8 wiring scheme

Device images and drawings

По ссылкам ниже вы можете скачать изображения и чертежи устройства WBIO-DI-HVD-8.

Corel Draw 2018: WBIO-DI-HVD-8.cdr.zip

Corel Draw PDF: WBIO-DI-HVD-8.cdr.pdf

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