WBIO-DO-R1G-16 I/O Module

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WBIO-DO-R1G-16 module


Control of contactors, warning lights, etc.

Technical specifications

Contains 16 HF49FD relays [(Datasheet)] with the configuration of contacts SPST (two contacts on the relay: NO/COM).

The relays are combined into two groups of 8 pieces, each group has one common COM pin: the upper COM pin for relays K1 — K8 and the lower COM pin for relays K9 — K16. There's no connection between groups, so the first group can switch one voltage source, and the second - the other.

Rated channel current: 1 A. The module has protection against sparking of the contacts.

Our detailed article in russian on habr.com about the choice of relay parameters for the switched load: https://habr.com/ru/company/wirenboard/blog/422197/

Parameter Value
Number of outputs 16
Number of output groups 2
Output type mechanical relay
Contact configuration SPST, normally open


  • off.
  • Kx and NO closed
Maximum switching voltage, alternating current 250 V
Maximum switching voltage, direct current 30 Volts
Maximum switching current, per channel (*) 5 A
Maximum switching current,

the channels in one group

10 A
The channel resistance in the open state < 50 mW
Voltage isolation between the controller and the output 2000 V (RMS.)
Lifetime: number of switches

for load 3 A 230 V AC, cos φ = 1

100 000
Lifetime: number of switches

for load 0.1 A 230 V AC, cos φ = 1 (**)

1 000 000
Module type "O" (non-inverted address scheme)
Maximum power consumption 1 W
Width, DIN units 3
Size 53,3x90,2x57,5 mm

*) Maximum switching current is specified for 230 VAC resistive load.

**) Calculated value

Terminals and wire section
The recommended wire cross section with pin bushing insulated tip, mm2 2,5
Standard sleeve length of pin bushing insulated tip, mm 8
Tightening torque of screws, Н∙м 0,5

Connection to the controller

See Activating the modules in the web interface of the controller

Load connection

Relays are connected in a phase break.

Connection scheme

Device pictures and drawings

По ссылкам ниже вы можете скачать изображения и чертежи устройства WBIO-DO-R1G-16.

Corel Draw 2018: WBIO-DO-R1G-16.cdr.zip

Corel Draw PDF: WBIO-DO-R1G-16.cdr.pdf

Autocad 2013 DXF: WBIO-DO-R1G-16.dxf.zip

Autocad PDF: WBIO-DO-R1G-16.pdf