== Solid State Relay Output Module (WBIO-DO-SSR-8) ==

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Модуль WBIO-DO-SSR-8

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Designed for control of low-voltage load, devices with inputs for "dry contacts". Devices may not have common ground with the controller.


The module contains 8 independent channels of optorele SPST configuration (normally open).

Each channel has built-in protection against voltage surges when switching inductive load (TVS for 30V).

Parameter Value
Number of outputs 8
Output type optorele
Contact configuration SPST (normally open)
Maximum switching voltage 30 V AC and DC
Maximum switching current, per channel 400 mA
The channel resistance in the open state < 2 Ohms
Voltage isolation between the controller and the output 1500 V (RMS)
Module type "O" (non-inverted address scheme)
Maximum power consumption 0.2 W
Width, DIN units 2
Size 36,3x90,2x57,5 mm
Terminals and wire section
Recommended wire cross-section with TSVI, mm2 0,75 — 1
Length of the standard sleeve NSVE, mm 8 (10 for adjusting screwless terminal blocks)
Torque of screws, N∙m 0,2 (for screw terminals)

Connection to controller

See activating the module in the web interface of the controller. The relay will be presented by the controls of EXTx_K1 — EXTx_K8 of the Discrete I/O device in the web interface. The corresponding MQTT-topics: /devices/wb-gpio/controls/EXTx_Ky.

Load connection

Each pair of outputs is galvanically isolated from the others. No polarity.

WBIO-DO-SSR-8 module

Device pictures

По ссылкам ниже вы можете скачать изображения и чертежи устройства WBIO-DO-SSR-8.

Corel Draw 2018: WBIO-DO-SSR-8.cdr.zip

Corel Draw PDF: WBIO-DO-SSR-8.cdr.pdf

Autocad 2013 DXF: WBIO-DO-SSR-8.dxf.zip

Autocad PDF: WBIO-DO-SSR-8.pdf