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Universal automation controllers running free software. They are used in the tasks of monitoring server and climate equipment, dispatching and collecting data from metering devices, as the basis for a "smart home" and industrial automation.

  • Wiren Board 7 — is a powerful universal controller for demanding tasks.
  • Extension modules are installed inside the controller case, compatible with Wiren Board 6 and Wiren Board 7.
  • I/O modules are docked to the Wiren Board controller on the right side via the side connector. Compatible with Wiren Board 5, Wiren Board 6, Wiren Board 7.

Electricity meters and voltmeters

  • WB-MAP12E — multi-channel power meter (surge current and voltage measurement)
  • WB-MAP6S — single-phase multi-channel power meter
  • WB-MAP3E — three-phase electricity meter (measuring current and voltage surges)
  • WB-MAP3ET — three-phase electricity meter (surge current and voltage measurement) with built-in transformers
  • WB-MAP3EV - three-phase voltmeter
  • WB-CT309 — assembly of one-piece transformers for MAP meters

Relay modules


For information on choosing a relay module, see Recommendations for selecting a relay for a load.


  • WB-MS — universal sensor for temperature, humidity, light, air quality
  • WB-MSW v.3 — wall mounted climate and CO2 sensor v.3
  • WB-MSW v.3 Zigbee — wall mounted climate and CO2 sensor with Zigbee
  • WB-MSW v.3 LoRa — climate and CO2 sensor in wall-mounted with LoRa
  • WB-MAI6 — analog input module
  • WB-MSW v.4 — climate and CO2 sensor in wall version v.4


  • WB-LED — four-channel LED strip dimmer
  • WB-AMPLED — four-channel amplifier for LED strips
  • WB-MDM3 — three-channel dimmer for LED lamps and incandescent lamps 230 V

Interface converters

  • WB-MIO — I2C (WBIO) to RS-485 interface converter with Modbus RTU support
  • WB-MIO-E v.2 — I2C (WBIO) to RS-485 interface converter supporting Modbus RTU and RS-485 (Modbus ) on Ethernet with Modbus RTU over TCP and Modbus TCP support
  • WB-MGE v.2 — RS-485 (Modbus) to Ethernet converter supporting Modbus RTU over TCP and Modbus TCP

Network cards for refrigeration controllers

  • WB-REF-U — network card for Carel BASIC, EASY, μRack, μC2SE, µC2, µGEO и Eliwell ID/ID PLUS
  • WB-REF-DF-178A — network card for Danfoss EKC 202/EKC 210 controllers
  • WB-REF-DF-ERC21 — network card for Danfoss ERC 211/ERC 213/ERC 214 controllers


WB-MIR v.2
  • WB-MAO4 — analog output module 0-10V 4-channel
  • WB-UPS v.2 — uninterruptible power supply module on lithium polymer batteries
  • WB-MCM8 — 8-channel digital and counter input module
  • WB-MIR v.2 — IR control device
  • WB-M1W2 — converter for 1-Wire thermometers
  • WB-MAI2-mini/CC — current signal measurement module
  • WB-MWAC — module for water consumption accounting and leakage control
  • WB-DEMO-KIT v.3 — "Demo suitcase": an integrator kit, for demonstration to the customer or independent quick mastering of Wiren Board devices
  • Demo Stand — is an example of assembling a demo stand with Wiren Board equipment. Can be viewed at our office.

Discontinued Devices