Software development

LLC "Rapid Software"
Rapid SCADA is an open source industrial automation platform. Out of the box functionality allows you to quickly create monitoring and dispatching systems.

Using Rapid SCADA on Wiren Board controllers is effective from a business point of view because Rapid SCADA includes a free base part and available additional modules. For Wiren Board controllers, additional modules are offered at a discount.

Developer of software for automation and dispatching systems.
There are two systems in the software package:
IntraSCADA - for dispatching objects in various industries, agriculture and housing and communal services
IntraHouse - for Smart Home systems

Both platforms are implemented on the basis of modern technologies.
They are characterized by minimal hardware requirements and high performance.

Works with Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems. Work on WirenBoard controllers.

MPS Soft

Software developer in the field of automation and dispatching of industrial systems.

The main product of the company is the cross-platform vertically integrated MasterSCADA software package designed for the development of control and dispatching systems. The list of MasterSCADA implementations includes tens of thousands of systems that are successfully operating in the CIS.

Techsensor is a platform that allows you to identify and predict faults, manage equipment, employees and premises at a new level. All data is combined into a single ecosystem, and it is stored in the cloud.


Russian company - developer of SVAROG cloud IIoT platform for automation systems
and energy-efficient dispatching of engineering systems.

Key features of the platform:

- the use of the system allows you to save up to 10% of electricity through the use of "smart"
systems management algorithms;
- domestic development, included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software;
- vendor independence from hardware implementation due to protocol support interaction of engineering systems: modbus, KNX, canbus, bacNET, zigbee, LoRA, etc.;
- web interface, installation of client software is not required;
- graphical user interface built on the basis of dashboards and widgets;
- notification of incidents by e-mail, telesgram, sms, etc.;
- SLA control of service organizations;
- integration with the Customer's incident management systems;
- predicting the imminent failure of expensive equipment through the use of machine learning algorithms;
- built-in reporting tools;
- a mapping engine for georeferencing monitoring objects with support for Google maps, Yandex maps, OpenStreetMaps both online and offline.

INPRO LLC is the developer of the Russian automated process control system - "INPRO-APSU" for industrial enterprises, trade and operating organizations.
The company provides monitoring, management, modernization, import substitution and failure prediction services for industrial and engineering equipment.
The solutions offered by INPRO LLC based on our own software and Wirenboard controllers make it possible to install, at minimal cost, intelligent control of power supply systems, gas and heat supply systems, equipment of heating points, boiler rooms, steam rooms, compressor rooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems; operating modes of technological and auxiliary equipment.
Developer of a monitoring and data collection platform that supports Wiren Board solutions.

Key features of the platform:

  • The visual representation of information in the form of diagrams, graphs, maps
  • System errors notifications
  • Producing alarms in case parameters exceed the preset limits
  • Unlimited possibilities to customize the interface for specific tasks
  • Access to data via browser, mobile devices, video walls, and situation centers
  • Cross-platform
A young company established in St. Petersburg in 2022. Our specialization is the development and implementation of complex data center monitoring through a set of hardware-software and purely software solutions created to achieve the technological and business goals of a particular segment of the economy.
The solutions are based on the most advanced developments in the field of monitoring, adapted to industry specifics.
OOO "CentreEnergyAutomatic"

Developer of software in the field of dispatching, telemechanics and process control systems at electric power and housing and communal services facilities.

The main product of the company is the cross-platform software TMIUS KP, designed to perform automation functions, receive and transmit information using various protocols, including Modbus, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850 GOOSE / MMS and many others.

iRidium mobile

Russian developer of software for control of automation systems, Audio&Video equipment and IoT devices.

iRidium solutions allow you to integrate any automation system, equipment and Media Servers and manage the project from any mobile device based on iOS, Android, Windows, using any interface design.

Our solution is an excellent combination of two worthy products. Wiren Board Zero controllers are reliable, multifunctional, relatively easy to configure and affordable. Wiren Board + iRidium server- the new solution for home and industrial automation

A developer of innovative information technology systems of the D&P family, designed for monitoring, diagnostics and predictive analysis of process equipment and combining a universal software platform and technical tools for working with any type of equipment and controlled parameters.
A feature of the systems is the versatility and unique flexibility of the architecture, which allows both designing multi-component large-scale systems and deploying local monitoring tools based on basic components in a short time.
The MTS IoT HUB platform allows developers, startups and large companies to create their own products and IoT solutions based on a ready-made set of tools. The solution is compatible with any communication networks and protocols, including MQTT, TCP/IP, CoAP, NIDD. MTS IoT HUB works with any type of smart devices: from the simplest sensors and meters to engineering systems and devices with Modbus or Ethernet digital interfaces.
Official distributor of Rockwell Automation,the ISaGRAF developer. ISaGRAF -a development tool infrastructure for applications in the IEC languages for the controllers.

Wiren Board 6 now has support for ISaGRAF 6

Features of the ISaGRAF system:

  • Support for IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 languages
  • Create applications for both stand-alone controllers and distributed applications for multiple controllers communicating over the network
  • Modbus RTU/TCP Master/Slave mode driver
  • I/o Wiren Board modules support
SIMPLight is a Russian company specializing in development, sales and support of the software for automation of production, objects of housing and communal services, buildings and constructions.

Wiren Board is an official supplier of equipment for Simp Light

Key features of the SCADA Simp Light :

  • stable and multifunctional system
  • user-friendly interface
  • Wiren Board support
  • quick technical support
  • a solution for any budget
Rightech IoT Cloud
Rightech IoT Cloud (RIC) platform is a cloud platform for developers and integrators of IoT solutions. The RIC platform is an intermediate link between devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) on the one hand and applications on the other. Using platform tools, developers create IoT solutions without unnecessary code. And then they reuse 90% of these solutions and launch similar cases. RIC is independent of specific hardware and protocols. Therefore, it allows you to combine different devices under one solution.
The platform communicates with devices via protocols and with external services via API. This allows application developers and system integrators to create their own IoT applications on top of the platform for their clients.
The platform allows you to integrate with any external services, ERP, CRM systems, payment services and third-party applications.
You can connect any number of different devices or projects around the world to the RIC and quickly scale your business.

Integrator companies

If you need turn-key automation, project development, installation and configuration of equipment, extension and maintenance of the existing automation system, please contact our partners in your region.
Moscow and Moscow region

Comfort-Life company is engaged in the development and implementation of the Smart Home system for apartments and country houses in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Perform the following services:

- Design of the Smart Home system, electrics, low-current networks and multimedia
- Rough electrical installation
- Assembly of automation shield, electrics and multimedia
- Installation of terminal fittings
- Commissioning of systems

Combine heating, air conditioning, ventilation, light, curtains, gates, blinds, video surveillance, multimedia, security, irrigation, swimming pool, landscape light, leak protection, meter readings in one application.

The company is contacted at the stage of bare walls, during or after the preparation of a design project for a house or apartment.

Some projects in Moscow:
- Residential complex “Khoroshevsky" apartment 85 sq.m. on WirenBoard Pro
- Residential complex “Kvartal 38" apartment 155 sq.m. on WirenBoard Pro
- Residential complex “Silver fountain" apartment 96 sq.m
- Residential complex “Dynasty" apartment 140 sq.m

Some projects in St. Petersburg:
- LCD “Privilege” Apartment 193 sq.m
- Riverside residential complex Apartment 353 sq. m
- KP “Okhta Park" house 130 sq.m
- LCD "Ozerki Style Tower" apartment 140 sq.m.

Julia Skyruha, Communications and Events ManagerJulia Skyruha, Communications and Events ManagerJulia Skyruha, Communications and Events ManagerJulia Skyruha, Communications and Events ManagerJulia Skyruha, Communications and Events ManagerLIIS is a leading system integrator since 2006

The company offers integrated solutions for optimizing business processes, is engaged in building automation and dispatching, software development, integration and management of engineering systems.

LIIS has completed more than 700 commercial projects, automated more than 400 private houses and apartments, developed engineering solutions for VKontakte, Gazprom, Bank SIAB Premium Club, Grand Hotel Europe and other companies, and also became a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation in the cluster of energy efficient technologies.

The company is the winner of the Best Office Awards, Crestron EMEA Integration Awards, Next Product, and also has the awards “Best Competency Development for AVEVA Products”, “Best HMI Application Interface for AVEVA Application”.

Directions in which the company implements projects and its products:

– Smart buildings and facade lighting
– Integration of the Smart Home system
– Application development (Simple Office seat reservation system and Simple Solution electronic document management)
– Multimedia equipment of complexes

Product site:

Contacts of representatives:

Artur Yusupov, business development manager
Телефон: 8-985-259-57-09

Julia Skyruha, Communications and Events Manager

Телефон: 8-968-598-34-25

LLC "Energy Efficiency"

«RedPine» is a developer of automated software and hardware complex tasks in administrative and technical services. This universal platform, made for control and management of engineering systems, allows remote monitoring, management, accounting, receiving necessary reports and providing accident prevention.

Monitoring. Control of power supply equipment, diesel generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies, auxiliary engineering systems

Dispatching system. . Control of operation modes of engineering systems, remote control of equipment, control of maintenance regulations, management of orders and staff

Accounting. Accounting of electricity consumption and generation, control of fuel level and consumption, temperature control, statistics and forecasting of equipment failure.

As a result of the selection, the solution from the Wiren Board was chosen. Solution by Wiren Board has won the competition. I would like to note that other candidates were not only worse in meeting our requirements — they simply could not fulfill all of them, so the choice was obvious to us. Read

Infosystems Jet

Key areas of activity: IT infrastructure, networks and engineering systems, IT outsourcing, information security, machine learning, custom software development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise-level business applications, industrial security and IoT.

The company has several offices and representative offices in Russia. Included in the TOP 5 IT service providers in Russia (IDC, 2021). Leader in the IT outsourcing market in Russia (Tadviser 2022), No. 1 among the largest providers of data center infrastructure (Cnews 2022), No. 2 among the largest integrators in the field of information security (CNews Analytics, 2022), No. 2 among the largest suppliers for industry (Tadviser 2022), No. 2 among the largest suppliers for Russian banks (Tadviser 2022).

The ENCO company designs, programs, installs the system - Smart Home.

We are integrators and solve all the tasks assigned to automate Smart Home systems. We offer optimal solutions for apartments, cottages, offices, hotels and other commercial premises.

Our achievements:
We are partners of cottage villages.
We have digitized and automated more than 100,000 m2.
In numbers:
- 4 patents
- 1 invention
- Published in worldwide publications Scopus and Web of Science

- Participation in the conference in Barcelona in 2018

The"Rekota"company specializes in Smart Home automation systems, developement using equipment Wirenboard and running the Apple HomeKit. Automation includes lighting control, full climate control (heating, underfloor heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidification), curtain control, security systems, dispatching and control. The company has implemented projects in various types of real estate from standard to business class.


XIOT is an integrator of Smart home systems with years of experience, specializes in medium and premium turnkey projects.

Design, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of systems: power electrics, security and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, satellite and ip TV, home theater, sound and lighting design.

We base our systems only on proven and reliable equipment using modern technology.


The company Teplomonitor is a manufacturer and supplier of automation systems for heating systems, boiler control and climate control for private residences. In conjunction with the company Wiren board Telemonitor produces a SmartWeb K controller compatible with MOD2 and MOD3 and WBIO extention modules.

Under the brand «Gidrologo» this company produces ready-made modules, in which all the hydraulics and automation of the boiler are mounted on the bearing frame, the electric cables are wired and positioned and all system withstands 10 bar pressure testing.

KonstArtStudio technical studio for the development of projects and assembly of electrical panels for private houses and apartments. Geography of work: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Germany, Israel, France, Spain, Georgia, Czech Republic, etc. More than 2200 boards have been designed, more than 1600 have been assembled, of which more than 70 boards have been designed and assembled using WirenBoard equipment. Work only with official dealers and contacts with all manufacturers and department directors. Valid certificate of conformity of the Customs Union. Laboratory equipment for testing the shield.

Выполняем следующие виды работ:

  • Проектирование электрощита с нуля
  • Сборка электрощитов любого уровня
  • Настройка "умного дома" (программирование)
  • Электромонтажные работы
  • Пусконаладка на объекте

Примеры щитов "умного дома" на Wiren Board:


Installation of a "smart home" system on a turnkey basis in country houses, apartments and offices

The system is based on WirenBoard equipment and provides the following functionality:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Security and fire alarms (motion, smoke, gas, siren, etc.) - Protection against water leakage (plus remote shutoff of water supply)
  • Lighting control (curtains, lamps, landscape lighting) - Microclimate control (underfloor heating, radiator, fan coil, boiler, air conditioner, etc.)
  • Gate and wicket control
  • Support for both wired and wireless equipment - Voice assistant (Alice, Siri, Alexa)

Due to the flexibility of WirenBoard equipment - the implementation of any (possible) wishes of the client in terms of automation, remote control and integration of third-party systems

Installation takes place in two stages:

  • Installation of cable products at the stage of construction or repair
  • Connecting sensors after finishing the premises, commissioning

Foresight is a company whose main task is to create a new type of energy company - an “energy Internet provider”, which will help the consumer take advantage of new technologies and make new energy simple and easy to implement, regardless of whether your company is a large energy-intensive industrial enterprise or a small business.

Intelligent House
Company "Intelligent House" is an integrator of "Smart Home" systems on Wirenboard equipment with the connection of all elements of a smart home to the Apple Homekit, Yandex Alice environment. The company integrates all engineering systems of a house and apartment into a single ecosystem that is convenient to use every day: control of lighting, heating, underfloor heating, automatic curtains, ventilation, humidification, recuperators, air conditioning, leakage protection and other systems. We carry out the design, assembly and installation of a smart home, power and low-current systems of private houses and apartments.


OOO "Expert" since 2015 has been designing and implementing the dispatching of engineering systems of buildings and structures and solves the following tasks:

  • control automation (ventilation and air conditioning systems, heating appliances, refrigeration equipment, lighting)
  • optimization of energy costs
  • staff work optimization
  • equipment monitoring
  • protection against overheating, leakage, peaks
  • building climatic zones
  • remote collection of meter readings
  • building the "SMART SHOP" system
  • maintenance of engineering systems and premises
  • SCS, ACS, video surveillanceIT solutions

Among the company's counterparties, I would like to single out the DA! (Fresh Market LLC), where the problem of store dispatching was solved.

TECOLUX-building automation

The TECOLUX company provides services in design, installation,maintainance of professional automation systems of commercial and private objects.

Many projects have been implemented in hotels, sports facilities, private apartments and households.

ICS Group
Since 1994, the ICS Group has been offering design, installation, modernization and maintenance of cable, engineering and information systems of buildings and territories. At the heart of our competence
  • Automation, dispatching and engineering integration
  • Structured and versatile cabling systems
  • Power supply and lighting
  • Telemetry systems for energy accounting and energy saving
  • Ensuring security, including energy security

For more than 29 years of successful work, the ICS Group has established itself as a professional partner that guarantees the high quality of the final product, shortening the time of work and reducing the cost of construction and operation of real estate.

The systems we create are fully compliant, built using the latest technology and high quality components, designed to provide maximum operational and investment efficiency.
We are ready to implement projects of any level and specificity, including acting as a subcontractor at any stage of project implementation within our competence, guaranteeing the high quality of the work entrusted to us. Among our facilities are the Olympic Park in Sochi, several stadiums in Moscow, Kazan and Grozny, Avtovaz plant, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports, Ostankino television tower, data processing centers and office buildings of Raiffeisen Bank, Sberbank, VTB, cottage settlements and residential complexes in Moscow and the Moscow region and many other objects.

North-western federal restrict
LLC «Flagman», Saint-Petersburg
The company develops and implements systems for remote control and monitoring of automation systems work parameters.
Development of automation systems for
  • consumption control
  • parameter monitoring
  • remote control
  • accidents prevention
  • action recording
  • report generation
Base equipment. To implement various solutions in the field of automation, our specialists use the latest equipment of the Wiren Board company. High quality and availability of components allow to achieve any goals.
Smart home. We also implement Smart home concept for automation of residental houses and apartments.
Выполняем полный спектр работ по реализации концепции Smart home на частных и коммерческих объектах недвижимости, квартирах, домах, офисах, гостиничных комплексах и т.д.
  • Проектирование
  • Черновой электромонтаж
  • Сборка электрических щитов
  • Установка и подключение оборудования
  • Пусконаладочные работы
  • Гарантийные и сервисные работы
  • Техническая поддержка
  • Модернизация системы
Возможна удаленная и выездная экспертная поддержка на ваших объектах и устройствах с Wirenboard (ремонт, пуско-наладка и т.п.)

Nevoton Manufacturer of a wide range of equipment from automation to medical equipment. Specializes in resource accounting, boiler and sauna management. It offers equipment that is convenient both for independent use and for work in Smart Home systems.

Ural federal district
Smart system

Smart system - Russian IT company, integrator - an expert in the field of lighting control systems, climate control and dispatching engineering systems of offices and buildings, multimedia control. The company implements complex projects in the field of automation, multimedia, low-voltage networks. The main projects of the company are smart offices / smart homes / smart buildings / conference rooms / classrooms / meeting rooms / demonstration areas.

Energo pro
The engineering company Energo PRO is engaged in the design and implementation of automated process control systems of various complexity and localization at industrial enterprises, the development of dispatching systems and the integration of automated process control systems into factory information systems.
Creates control and automation systems for the entire range of industrial installations and productions of chemical, food, machine-building, metalworking, mining, transport and other industries. From the design and development of the software algorithm to the maintenance of the system during the life cycle.
We combine the equipment of your enterprise, of the same type and of different profiles into one convenient high-tech control and control center.
We create a graphical interface for the operation of your equipment for monitoring, managing, analyzing and archiving all performance indicators (SCADA systems).

We develop control systems for complex multi-component structures, and they will work for you.

HomeOn company specializes in electronic smart home systems equipped with Wiren Board in apartments, air conditioners and European houses.
Basic solutions: control of lighting, electric curtain rods, heating, climate control, multiroom, home cinema, automation of engineering systems.
Smart home control via Apple HomeKit and Home with Alice.
Electrical and smart home design company, installation of smart home switchboard, commissioning system and commissioning system for the end user.

Volga federal district
LLC «NPO «Kaskad-GRUP», Cheboksary
Group of companies «Cascade», Cheboksary, specializes in the development of products for the automation market, IT solutions and the introduction of industrial automation systems. Specialists of the enterprise have more than twenty years of experience in the field of design, development, production, delivery and maintenance of system products, implementation of critical projects for the industrial automation market.

Company «INFOTECH» , Kirov

Company «INFOTECH» - professional integrator of Smart Home systems designs, installs and maintains home and commercial automation systems.

The production of serial and individual electric panels “ITECH - 2020” with the “Smart Home” system is a comprehensive, fully functional solution, ready for installation, configuration and testing. ITECH-2020 panels will allow you to organize the management of lighting, climate, curtains, gates, irrigation and other engineering systems.

Company «INFOTECH» sends shields to anywhere in the world, INFOTECH engineers provide 24/7 assistance in connecting and configuring.

Abrom Kazan city

Abrom - a company specializing in the sale of ready-made smart home shields with embedded software.

Our company also sells Smart Home equipment and consumables for the integration of turnkey systems. We have strong ties with manufacturers, so we are always up to date with all the technical innovations.

IotSmartSystem Kazan city

Russian integrator company in the field of automation, "Smart Houses", dispatching of engineering systems, building resource accounting systems (ASKUE)

IotSmartSystem offers customers: design of automation systems, electrical installation work, assembly of electrical panels and automation panels, programming and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service.

The company's specialists have vast experience, more than 10 years. During this period, the IotSmartSystem company has successfully proved itself in the integration of "smart" systems and dispatching at industrial facilities, hotel complexes, housing and communal services and individual construction.

Home Control smart home

The company is engaged in the development and use of industrial systems in industrial, commercial and domestic areas.

  • process parameter monitoring systems
  • technical accounting systems
  • remote control systems
  • automated process control systems
  • smart home systems
  • design and assembly of power cabinets and automation cabinets
  • development of visualization projects for Smart Home systems based on i3pro from Iridi

The cabinets assembled by us are tested and completely ready for installation. Cabinets are supplied with technical documentation which will remove all questions from installers on site.

Central Federal District
OOO "ICSMonitoring"

The company "ICS Monitoring" develops and implements projects of telemechanics systems in industry and energy:

  • telemetry
  • event notification
  • remote object management
  • transfer of information from objects using various communication protocols

We integrate automated control systems and monitoring of technological processes with information systems of enterprises.

We use ready-made controllers from leading Russian manufacturers and our own developments of devices with various functionality.

Republic of Belarus
Private company "TKAllianceBel
Avanti smart home platform is a Belarusian company that automates houses and apartments. Its mission is to make life modern and comfortable.

The main direction is turnkey Smart House:

  • System design.
  • Assembling automation boards.
  • System commissioning.

The company has been working on the market of the Republic of Belarus for more than 7 years.

A number of residential and commercial projects have been implemented on the basis of Wiren Board controllers. is a company that uses innovative solutions in the field of agronomy that help optimize the growth and development of plants in any conditions.
Primary activity:
  • Production and sale of LED lighting for plants. Our products provide an optimal light spectrum and high efficiency to promote photosynthesis and accelerate plant growth.
  • Construction of urban farms. We create innovative urban farms where you can grow a variety of plants inside buildings, without the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Implementation of projects. Our team develops and implements projects to improve lighting in various fields: from agriculture to scientific laboratories.
  • Lighting calculation. We help determine the optimal lighting for specific tasks, taking into account the type of plants, their growth phase and other factors. is proud of its environmentally responsible activities and strives to make the world greener and brighter!

Republic of Kyrgyzstan
TekoPro LLC
A company from Kyrgyzstan is engaged in the development and integration of the Smart Home system. The company was founded on ambitious beginnings in 2016. Today we are ready to offer a range of services, ranging from security systems to complex automation. The company is an official authorized dealer of "Hikvision", with the status of "Gold Partner".
Our team has implemented projects for Huawei, Ozon, Banking facilities, Educational institutions and much more.
Also at the stage of design and implementation in the company’s portfolio are multi-level apartments and houses in which the following are sold:
1. Automation of lighting, electricians
2. Control of electric curtain rods
3. Climate control and automation
4. Home theater equipment with integration into a smart home
5. Development of individual HMI panels according to design project

Legal purchase terms

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Delivery is available on weekdays from 9: 00 to 18: 00. Delivery times depend on the selected region and range from 1 to 14 business days (not counting the day of the order). The delivery period may be extended in cases stipulated by the delivery Service's operating rules. Delivery is carried out without demonstration. If you do not agree with the delivery terms, You have the right to cancel your order at any time before receiving it.
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