Official distributor of Rockwell Automation,the ISaGRAF developer. ISaGRAF -a development tool infrastructure for applications in the IEC languages for the controllers.

Wiren Board 6 now has support for ISaGRAF 6

Features of the ISaGRAF system:

  • Support for IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 languages
  • Create applications for both stand-alone controllers and distributed applications for multiple controllers communicating over the network
  • Modbus RTU/TCP Master/Slave mode driver
  • I/o Wiren Board modules support
Developer of a monitoring and data collection platform that supports Wiren Board solutions.

Key features of the platform:

  • The visual representation of information in the form of diagrams, graphs, maps
  • System errors notifications
  • Producing alarms in case parameters exceed the preset limits
  • Unlimited possibilities to customize the interface for specific tasks
  • Access to data via browser, mobile devices, video walls, and situation centers
  • Cross-platform
iRidium mobile
Russian developer of software for control of automation systems, Audio&Video equipment and IoT devices.
iRidium solutions allow you to integrate any automation system, equipment and Media Servers and manage the project from any mobile device based on iOS, Android, Windows, using any interface design.

Our solution is an excellent combination of two worthy products. Wiren Board Zero controllers are reliable, multifunctional, relatively easy to configure and affordable. Wiren Board + iRidium server- the new solution for home and industrial automation

Software developer in the field of automation and operation control of industrial systems.
The main product of the company is a cross–platform vertically integrated MasterSCADA software package designed for the development of monitoring and operation control systems. The list of MasterSCADA implementations includes tens of thousands of systems that successfully operate in the CIS countries.
SIMPLight is a Russian company specializing in development, sales and support of the software for automation of production, objects of housing and communal services, buildings and constructions.

Wiren Board is an official supplier of equipment for Simp Light

Key features of the SCADA Simp Light :

  • stable and multifunctional system
  • user-friendly interface
  • Wiren Board support
  • quick technical support
  • a solution for any budget
Manufacturer of a wide range of equipment from automation to medical equipment. Specializes in resource accounting, boiler and sauna management. It offers equipment that is convenient both for self-use and for work in Smart Home systems.

Integrator companies

If you need turn-key automation, project development, installation and configuration of equipment, extension and maintenance of the existing automation system, please contact our partners in your region.
and Moscow region
LLC "Energy Efficiency"
«RedPine» is a developer of automated software and hardware complex tasks in administrative and technical services. This universal platform, made for control and management of engineering systems, allows remote monitoring, management, accounting, receiving necessary reports and providing accident prevention.
Monitoring. Control of power supply equipment, diesel generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies, auxiliary engineering systems
Dispatching system. . Control of operation modes of engineering systems, remote control of equipment, control of maintenance regulations, management of orders and staff
Accounting. Accounting of electricity consumption and generation, control of fuel level and consumption, temperature control, statistics and forecasting of equipment failure.

As a result of the selection, the solution from the Wiren Board was chosen. Solution by Wiren Board has won the competition. I would like to note that other candidates were not only worse in meeting our requirements — they simply could not fulfill all of them, so the choice was obvious to us. Read

TECO-building automation
The TECO company provides services in design, installation,maintainance of professional automation systems of commercial and private objects.
Many projects have been implemented in hotels, sports facilities, private apartments and households.

The"Rekota"company specializes in Smart Home automation systems, developement using equipment Wirenboard and running the Apple HomeKit. Automation includes lighting control, full climate control (heating, underfloor heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidification), curtain control, security systems, dispatching and control. The company has implemented projects in various types of real estate from standard to business class.

XIOT is an integrator of Smart home systems with years of experience, specializes in medium and premium turnkey projects.
Design, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of systems: power electrics, security and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, satellite and ip TV, home theater, sound and lighting design.
We base our systems only on proven and reliable equipment using modern technology.

The company Teplomonitor is a manufacturer and supplier of automation systems for heating systems, boiler control and climate control for private residences. In conjunction with the company Wiren board Telemonitor produces a SmartWeb K controller compatible with MOD2 and MOD3 and WBIO extention modules.

Under the brand «Gidrologo» this company produces ready-made modules, in which all the hydraulics and automation of the boiler are mounted on the bearing frame, the electric cables are wired and positioned and all system withstands 10 bar pressure testing.

KonstArtStudio is a technical studio for project development and assembly of electrical panels for apartments throughout Russia and CIS countries. Geography of works: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Czech Republic, etc. Designed more than 1300 boards, collected more than 900, of which about 40 boards have been designed on Wiren Board equipment, and about 20 have been assembled and configured. We work only with official dealers and have contacts with almost all manufacturers and department directors. All equipment used and the boards themselves are certified.

LLC «Flagman», Saint-Petersburg
The company develops and implements systems for remote control and monitoring of automation systems work parameters.
Development of automation systems for
  • consumption control
  • parameter monitoring
  • remote control
  • accidents prevention
  • action recording
  • report generation
Base equipment. To implement various solutions in the field of automation, our specialists use the latest equipment of the Wiren Board company. High quality and availability of components allow to achieve any goals.
Smart home. We also implement Smart home concept for automation of residental houses and apartments.

The southern Federal district and Crimea
Sensor-tools."Monitoring and control instruments»
Sensor-tools. "Monitoring and control instruments» Specializes in monitoring systems and remote data collection for warehouses, shops, productions and various technological facilities. Offering solutions on the basis of Russian certified equipment which includes industrial automation controller WirenBoard.
A number of projects to control the temperature and humidity conditions for a geographically distributed group of grocery warehouse complexes and the Federal network of clothing stores has been implemented using Wiren Board 4 controllers. Wireless solutions for indoor temperature and humidity data collection are also offered on the basis of the controller.
To access telemetry data, local software systems based on SCADA systems are used, as well as the cloud data collection service "SENSOR", which is available from the browser at any time and provides ample opportunities for data collection, storage, export and visualization.

Volga federal district
LLC"NPO "Kaskad-GRUP", Cheboksary
Group of companies "Cascade", Cheboksary, specializes in the development of products for the automation market, IT solutions and the introduction of industrial automation systems. Specialists of the enterprise have more than twenty years of experience in the field of design, development, production, delivery and maintenance of system products, implementation of critical projects for the industrial automation market.

Company «INFOTECH» , Kirov
Company «INFOTECH» - professional integrator of Smart Home systems designs, installs and maintains home and commercial automation systems.
The production of serial and individual electric panels “ITECH - 2020” with the “Smart Home” system is a comprehensive, fully functional solution, ready for installation, configuration and testing. ITECH-2020 panels will allow you to organize the management of lighting, climate, curtains, gates, irrigation and other engineering systems.
Company «INFOTECH» sends shields to anywhere in the world, INFOTECH engineers provide 24/7 assistance in connecting and configuring.

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