Relay module
Six-channel module with high-power relays
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Relay module with high in-rush current capacity for lighting management and switching general purpose loads. Designed for industrial and home automation systems.

The module is designed to control loads up to 10A rated (16 A peak current) without contactors. It is equipped with a special input for simultaneous cutoff of all loads.

Technical specifications

  • 6 channels with relays rated 10A 230 VAC
  • Channel status indication
  • Maximum continuous current: 16 A per channel
  • Maximum in-rush current:
  • /I models - up to 120 A (20 ms)
  • /S models - up to 800 A (200 µs)
Discrete inputs
  • 6 discrete inputs with a direct channel control function
  • 1 digital input for disabling all relay channels simultaneously
  • Group galvanic isolation of inputs
  • "Dry contact" inputs (LV model) or 220 VAC inputs (HV model)
Other characteristics
  • Supply voltage: 9 to 28 VDC
  • Interface: RS-485, Modbus RTU
  • 6-module wide DIN rail mounted enclosure (106 x 90 x 58 mm)

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